Fast Track

Every child wins with custom stickers of their very own artwork with their order! We recommend this fundraiser type for smaller groups and schools pressed for time.

Here’s how it works:


  • Create colorful artwork on the art paper we provide in your toolbox.
  • Label & organize art by class in the folders provided.
  • Have artwork completed and collected by your scheduled deadline.


  • Collect completed artwork and assemble each piece of artwork and catalog with order form into clear poly-bag provided.
  • Distribute to students to take home.
  • Time to promote! Please see the promotional tips located on your reservation confirmation form.
  • Remember, every student receives free stickers of their artwork with order.

img-ups-boxesOrganize and Ship

  • Upon or after the parent deadline, collect all art/order packets from classrooms.
  • Organize the art/order packets by classrooms in the folders that are provided. Make sure folders are labeled with teacher name.
  • Ship art and orders using the provided UPS shipping label
  • Invoice is mailed from S1A after we receive your art and orders.
  • Products are delivered to the school organized by class/student for easy distribution!

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