Free Sticker Program

You are doing much more than raising funds – you’re successfully advocating for the kids at your school! Not only does Square 1 Art work seamlessly with existing curriculum, it shows every student that they can be an artist! Every child wins with a set of 9 FREE stickers and a Customized Ordering Catalog  with their very own artwork on the cover!  You can also boost your fundraiser by including  a Tile Wall with this program! This fundraiser is perfect for Pre-K through 6th grade

Here’s how it works:


Create the Artwork

  • Create colorful artwork on the FREE art paper we provide in your Toolbox. Lesson plans available!
  • Label & organize art by class in the folders provided
  • Ship art FREE to Square 1 Art (UPS label provided)
  • Only 5 days to create the Custom Ordering Catalogs featuring each student’s masterpiece! Every child wins with a FREE set of 9 stickers of their own artwork. Original artwork is returned with catalogs

 Generate Orders

  • Easily distribute the Custom Ordering Catalogs that are pre-assembled individually by class/student (make sure your order phase is not competing with other events at the school)
  • We provide creative marketing materials and ideas to promote your fundraiser effectively. Such as, but limited to, FREE product samples and posters to be displayed in high traffic areas
  • We offer a price range from $8 to $45 to meet the budgets of all families
  • Three easy order options for all families: online, phone, or with the Custom Ordering Catalog
  • Ship all paper orders FREE to Square 1 Art (UPS label provided)

Receive Your Keepsakes!Owl_mug

  • Your pre-scheduled delivery window makes it easy to plan ahead for receipt of your keepsakes
  • Our staff manufactures your quality keepsakes in our own facility in only 7 days !
  • Keepsakes are delivered to the school organized by class and student for easy distribution.

Receive Your FUNDS!!

  • Profit check and statement are mailed shortly after products arrive at your school!
  • Earn up to 38% of your total sales. Click below to find out how!!

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