Fundraiser FAQs

Please see the list below to answer the most frequently asked questions.

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Coordinator’s Corner

  • Where do I find my Reservation Key Code/RKC?
    Your Reservation Key Code/RKC is located on the top of your reservation schedule and in all of the Square 1 Art reminder emails. Can’t find it? Please contact us at 888.332.3294 or click Live Chat and we will be happy to look it up for you.
  • How do I share my corner?
    Once you are logged into your Coordinator's Corner, look for the "Share Fundraiser" button located at the bottom of your Coordinator Menu. Click the button and enter in the recipients email address.
  • Where do I find lesson plans and/or promotional material?
    You will find them on our Pinterest Site at
  • Where do I find the student access codes and/or online orders?
    The reports are located in your Coordinator's Corner under the menu title "Fundraiser Reports". Look for the Art Access Codes report that contains your students’ access codes and the Online Orders - Lollipop Report that provides a list of online orders.


  • Will the original artwork be returned to us?
    Yes! Class folders of artwork are returned when either the custom order packets or products are delivered to the school.
  • Can we use our own paper?
    You are allowed to glue your own 8.5” x 8.5” square art to the art paper we have provided. It must be centered below the header line and attached securely. Paper cannot hang off the edges. We provide a separate sheet of art paper for each artwork.
  • May we label the art instead of writing in student names?
    This is recommended. Labels must include first & last name of artist, grade, teacher, and school name. Printed text should be at least 12-point font. Affix the label over the name area of the header section.
  • What mediums work best?
    Two-dimensional mediums. (Bold classic markers, tempera paint, or paper collage). Refer to the Art Requirements located in your Coordinator's Handbook and Coordinator's Corner.
  • Why do we need to keep important details away from the edge?
    Many products require us to overlap edges and any important details close to the edge may be partially or completely cropped off. Square 1 Art will process the artwork as submitted. Refer to Art Requirements and Signature Template documents.
  • Why should the artist sign their artwork?
    Parents love seeing their child’s first name on their artwork. Our history shows that fundraisers are more successful when signatures appear in the proper location on the artwork. Go one step further and add the year!
  • Why can't we use colored pencils or crayons?
    Young artists do not color heavy enough for colors to be vibrant. Colored pencil and crayon quality varies and not all provide quality blending and rendering when printed.

Online Ordering

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