About Us


In 2000, elementary art teacher Marty Reid was working for an art fundraising company. She loved the concept of recreatinag children’s art on a variety of keepsakes to raise funds for schools. As a teacher, she wanted to create an art fundraiser that would be easy to manage in the classroom. She also believed the program should focus on the artists! So Marty and her husband Andrew set out to create a simpler and more rewarding fundraiser program – and Square 1 Art was born.

Square 1 Art promotes each student,
helping each child feel like an accomplished artist.

While Andrew focused on the new company’s business and systems designed to raise funds, Marty directed Square 1 Art through her “teacher eyes” – developing a program that “fit” the busy classroom while supporting the learning objectives. From this unique perspective, Square 1 Art promotes each student, “helping each child feel like an accomplished artist.”And unlike other fundraisers, Square 1 Art gives every student a free gift – stickers featuring their artwork – regardless of whether or not the child is able to raise funds.

Today, Marty and Andrew’s son, Travis Reid, leads the company’s growth and development. By honoring the core values and mission established by his teacher-mom, Square 1 Art has become a leading fundraising partner with schools across the U.S.

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When looking to raise funds, while supporting the arts and building up the creative minds of students, we invite you to Square 1 Art – where It Starts with the Art.