Great Wall of Art

Looking for a stunning way to beautify your school? Try our Great Wall of Art tile wall or quilt square display!  Create lasting memories for parents and students to enjoy for years to come!  Graduating grades may create their self-portrait as a part of a wonderful on-going legacy wall! Both the tile wall and quilt square projects are great for all grade levels, including Middle and High school.

Since we archive all artwork, you can order the tiles or quilt squares with artwork from previous fundraisers and/or create brand new artwork!


Tile Wall Fundraiser

Tiles can be funded by parents or the parent organization at the school. img-tiles

  • 2 sizes to choose from! 4.25″ X 4.25″ and 6″ X 6″ Ceramic tiles
  • 2 styles to choose from! white border or art bleeds to the edge.
  • Your students create their masterpiece on the FREE art paper.
  • We receive the original artwork and digitally recreate the image in our in-house studio for transfer to your tile of choice
  • The tiles are very affordable and fit in every family’s budget.
  • Installation instructions are provided! Tile installation may be permanent OR installed on movable backer boards.
  • Indoor use only




Quilt Fundraiser

  • 100% Cotton, 10″ X 10″ Quilt Square with image size 7″ X 7″img-quilt
  • Your students create their masterpiece on the FREE art paper.
  • We receive the original artwork, digitally capture the art image, and transfer to your quilt square
  • Auction off class quilts or give as a gift to hard-working teachers and staff.
  • Display the quilt behind glass with a frame to create a Great Wall of Art!
  • Quilt squares can be purchased as a fundraiser or service project.


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