Virtual Fundraiser

100% Virtual Fundraiser

The perfect solution for schools with students learning remotely.

Our virtual fundraiser allows students to create art at home and upload digitally!

Virtual learning on computer

How It Works:


Receive your Digital Toolbox
  • Your Digital Toolbox contains everything you need for a successful fundraiser including videos, email templates, and lesson plans.
  • Still have some kids in the classroom? No problem, just let us know, and we will  send our traditional fundraiser toolbox as well containing art paper, fundraiser poster, and promotional items. (See Traditional Program, ask for Hybrid Art Delivery option.)


Set Up Your Art  Project
  • Create a project yourself or use one of our art lesson plans. We provide art lesson plan instructions, including videos, for all ages.
  • Set a due date to ensure everyone completes their artwork.
  • We provide you with communication emails for your virtual learners!
  • Virtual Learners are provided their own instructional link to complete the project, start to finish!


Upload Art
  • Students learning from home can have an adult take a picture of their art and upload it to Square 1 Art website and can order.
  • Coordinator may view all uploaded art in the Coordinator’s Corner portal!
  • Art created in the classroom can be boxed and shipped to Square 1 Art using our pre-paid shipping label (If you are including this option, please request Traditional Program with Hybrid Art Delivery.)


Families Order!
  • Remote learning families can immediately order keepsakes after they upload their art, increasing your fundraiser profit!
  • Note: Art uploaded digitally does not receive custom catalogs.


All orders ship to home!
  • Families pay a ship fee at checkout and their order ships to home to arrive within 2-3 weeks.


Profit Check Arrives!
  • Profit check arrives shortly after fundraiser completion.
  • *Profit is 20-38%! *Qualifications apply.


NOTE: Custom Catalogs / Free Stickers are not provided for virtually uploaded art. 

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