Free Sticker Program

Every child wins with free stickers and a catalog customized with their very own artwork on the cover! This fundraiser is perfect for Pre-K through 6th grade.

Here’s how it works:


  • Create colorful artwork on the art paper we provide in your Toolbox.
  • Label & organize art by class in the folders provided.
  • Ship art using the pre-paid UPS shipping label provided by Square 1 Art.
  • Only 5 days to create the Custom Catalogs! Students’ art will be returned with their free stickers and will be stored in our database for future orders.



  • Creative marketing materials will be provided to promote your fundraiser effectively.
  • Showcase eye-catching sample products and posters in the front office, parent meetings, and the classroom.
  • Easily distribute the order packets that are pre-assembled individually by class/student.
  • Remember, every child receives their own set of stickers printed with their artwork!
  • Three easy order options: online, phone, or with a paper order form.
  • Ship all paper orders on the scheduled date using the pre-paid UPS label provided by Square 1 Art.


  • Email and text notifications from us make it easy to plan ahead for receipt of your final products.
  • Quality, custom products are manufactured in our own facility by
    our amazing staff in only 7 days !
  • Products are delivered to the school organized by class/student for easy distribution.
  • Profit check and statement are mailed.
  • Boost your Budget! Consider adding a Tile Wall to your free product fundraiser.

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